The 28-year-old rapper and entrepreneur just announced a new console, called SouljaGames. We wanted to hear more

Article by Charles Holmes
Soulja wants more. His latest plan to get more is called SouljaGames, and it’s arrived in time for the holidays. On his website, the 28-year-old entrepreneur is selling a plethora of electronics including the SouljaWatch, SouljaPods, SouljaPhone and SouljaHeadphones. None of that is too out of the ordinary; off-brand electronics are available across the country, though throwing your name on it is a simple, if ambitious, twist. However, it’s the introduction of the SouljaGame console and handheld device that launched writers and critics into a suspicious and condescending frenzy. Various headlines call Soulja’s hardware “sketchy” and “overpriced” and “questionable.” Which is to be expected: the SouljaGames consoles created by Anbernic are emulators, which means they exist only to host a variety of games made by other companies. According to the SouljaWatch website, the SouljaGame console can play “SOULJAGAME/PS/NEOGEO/PC/SEGA/GBA/NES,” while the handheld version plays Nintendo Switch and 3DS, among others. Soulja Boy made a console to play other people’s games.

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